Some Free Online Education

Over on Patrick Schreiner’s blog, he has links to several locations providing free online education.  The topics look interesting and are probably worth a thorough peruse.

Update: on April 6 he linked to some more sites.

Update: on August 22 he linked to a site of 500 Free Online Courses from Top Universities:

MacArthur’s Final Installment of a Complete New Testament Exposition

Not long ago, faithful expositor John MacArthur completed his decades-old goal of preaching through the entire New Testament.

He didn’t whiz through these 27 books, friend.  He waded through the verses as if he was trudging through deep snow with his feet weighed down by cement blocks.  Such a pace isn’t a bad thing, it just means the project will take some time.  A loooong time.

Take the Gospel of Matthew as one example.  MacArthur took 7 years to go through its 28 chapters.

Patiently, clearly, and with incredible endurance, he unpacked every verse and phrase of every New Testament book.  What a marvelous feat!  What a service to God’s people!

His last book to exposit was the Gospel of Mark, and below is the link to the final 9 minutes of the final message.

On Self-Promotion

In a recent post, Dane Ortland points out the evident dangers of self-promotion.  His post certainly stirred up interesting discussion from his commentators as well as other bloggers who linked to his words.

Denny Burk is one of many who linked to Dane’s words, and he offered some additional thoughts too in a subsequent post.

On the same topic of self-promotion, Jim Hamilton reflects on the dangers as well as the advantages of directing people to one’s own articles, blog posts, books, sermons, etc.

The issue is your heart’s desire, something others should be hesitant to make judgments on.  Are we wanting Christ to be magnified, exalted, known, treasured, and worshiped?  Are we using social media to herald the truth of the Bible and the worth of Christ’s name?

I hope so.  And I hope that Christ’s name is honored and glorified anytime someone consults the resources mentioned on this blog, even if those resources include something I’ve written.

So whether we write blogs or books, whether we preach or teach, whether we point to our own resources or others’, may all our words and deeds be done with thanksgiving in the name of the Lord Jesus (Col 3:17).

As always, John Piper is helpful here: