Randy Alcorn on Repenting of Materialism

In For the Fame of God’s Name, Randy Alcorn contributed a chapter entitled “Dethroning Money to Treasure Christ Above All.”  He writes:

“Financial stewardship seems to be the last bastion of accountability.  People are more open about their sexual struggles than battling materialism.  Some churches are talking about getting out of debt.  I applaud that.  But you can be out of debt and still be stingy and greedy.  We don’t need to become smarter materialists; we need to repent of materialism” (emphasis mine).

For a great read, get Randy’s excellent little book The Treasure Principle.

An Abortion Article, “It’s Time to Stop Pretending,” by Randy Alcorn

This is a powerful article by Randy Alcorn.  He doesn’t mince words.  May his passion transfer to all who read his words, so that our hearts will be rightly broken and our knees bent in prayer for how we can oppose abortion.