“He Is Not Here” – Poem for Easter Sunday

empty tomb image“He Is Not Here”
Easter Morning, 3/27/16

The darkest night now passed from gloom
As women journeyed to the tomb
And found the stone beside the door
That had been sealed two days before.

An angel said to them, “Don’t fear,
The one you seek he is not here.
Go quickly now so you may tell
That Christ has conquered death and hell.”


“My Son, Arise”–A Poem for Easter Sunday

“My Son, Arise”
Easter Sunday
April 5, 2015

The lungs had not inhaled a breath
Since He had closed His eyes in death.

Now covered by the sealing stone,
The Nazarene lay there alone.

Then when two nights had fully passed,
The third day morning came at last.

The Father said, “My son, arise!”
And Jesus opened up His eyes.

The new creation had begun,
For curse and death were now undone.

“A Temple Left Undone”

Today is Tuesday of Passion Week, and on this day Jesus spoke parables and taught many things to his disciples and any crowds that gathered (see Matt 21-25). Included in this teaching was the famous Olivet Discourse in Matthew 24.

“A Temple Left Undone”
March 31, 2015
Tuesday of Passion Week

Jesus pointed to the stones
And said of them, “Each one
Of these shall be upon the ground,
A temple left undone.”

Then on the Mount of Olives, he
Disclosed the coming years
Of wars and quakes and many fakes
Until the Son appears.

None shall know the day or time
When comes the Son to take
The ones not ready for the Thief,
So therefore: stay awake.

“With Zeal and Holy Flame”–A Poem for Monday of Passion Week

Unto Him

Today is Monday of Passion Week, and on this day Jesus cursed a fig tree and cleansed the temple (see Matt 21, Mark 11, Luke 19).

“With Zeal and Holy Flame”
April 14, 2014
Monday of Passion Week

The temple courts were interrupted
By Jesus as he came
With zeal and holy flame
For God the Father’s name
That was dishonored there.

The holy temple housed the robbers
Who, from sinful vices,
Sold the sacrifices
At inflated prices
In that place of prayer.

He drove out the thieves and overturned
Every chair and table,
An act that was a symbol
Of judgment on the temple
And rebels everywhere.

Just like the fig tree that he cursed,
The people bore no fruit,
So he put ax to root,
And sinners resolute
Would soon his judgment bear.

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“Humble Would Be How”–A Poem for Sunday of Passion Week

“Humble Would Be How”
Passion Week 2015

In all the weeks that ever were,
None had begun like this:
The Nazarene sent men to find
A scene they must not miss–

A donkey tied beside a colt,
And both he needed now.
For Scripture said the King would ride,
And humble would be how.

He rode into Jerusalem
And heard the crowd proclaim:
“Hosanna be to David’s son,
And blessed be his name!”

Poetry of Passion Week 2014

It was a great joy to reflect on Passion Week this year through the avenue of poetry. Here’s how that unfolded:

“Hosanna” – Palm Sunday

“With Zeal and Holy Flame” – Monday

“A Coming Day” – Tuesday

“Thirty Silver Pieces” – Wednesday

“See Him” – Thursday

“A River Flowed” – Friday

“Silent, Still, and Cold” – Saturday

“Rise” – Easter Sunday