A Prayer Poem of Praise for the Birth of Logan Samuel Chase

O God of heaven, Lord of earth,
You have heard our prayer
To bring our second son to birth
In watchful, loving care.

Though he lives by Your good hand,
His heart is born in sin.
He needs the light of gospel truth
To make him born again.

You ordained all his steps and days,
In wisdom wrote them down.
Draw from him love and trust and praise,
All for Your Son’s renown.

O God of life, Giver of breath,
Sustain him by Your grace,
And lead his life in righteousness,
Save Logan Samuel Chase.

Kevin DeYoung on Parenting

I love what Kevin DeYoung writes.  He’s always insightful and thought-provoking–and sometimes quite hilarious.  This post on parenting captures what I appreciate about his writing.  It’s cleverly titled “Parenting 001.”

Kevin will make you laugh, and he will make you think.  Give it a read, and share it with other parents you know.

God is Knitting My Baby

“For you formed my inward parts; you knitted me together in my mother’s womb” (Ps 139:13).

God has not entrusted the formation of life into anyone else’s hands.  His mighty hands are tender, knitting with care the baby in a mother’s womb.

My wife Stacie and I prayed tonight for our baby, due this June.  I was reminded of Psalm 139 and how God exercises intricate care and precision when he designs a person.

Our baby is in God’s hands, and it is a helpless feeling.  We need to feel helpless, though, so that we remember to trust God.  He is good, capable, loving, and faithful.

Wonder of wonders, there is a baby in Stacie’s womb who is being fearfully and wonderfully made (Ps 139:14).

Gospel-Powered Parenting, by William P. Farley

The subtitle of the book intrigued me even more than the title itself: How the Gospel Shapes and Transforms Parenting.

I can’t say enough how much I loved this book.  It’s 220 pages of gospel-saturated parenting wisdom.  If you were to squeeze this book, it would drip the cross and the Bible.

Farley’s concern is that Christian parents see the gospel’s impact on how they raise their children.  What an obvious but too-often-neglected concept!

The chapters are as follows:

Chapter 1: Intellectual Submarines
Chapter 2: Gospel-Powered Parenting
Chapter 3: Gospel Fear
Chapter 4: A Holy Father
Chapter 5: A Gracious Father
Chapter 6: The First Principle of Parenting
Chapter 7: Gospel Fathers
Chapter 8: Foundations of Discipline
Chapter 9: Discipline That Preaches
Chapter 10: Food for the Hungry
Chapter 11: Gospel Love
Chapter 12: Amazing Grace

I devoured Gospel-Powered Parenting.  Chapters 8 and 9 on the topic of “discipline” are alone worth the price you will pay to purchase this book.  Farley really focuses on the role of fathers in the family, and his words are incredibly challenging for every man.

Fathers, get this book.  New parents, get this book.  Seasoned parents, buy this book.  Frustrated and angry parents, get this book.  Parents who think they’re doing everything just right, get this book.

And may the Lord use the gospel to transform households into Christ-centered and God-honoring ones.

You will be a different parent after reading Gospel-Powered Parenting.

Needed Spiritual Lessons From Having a 6-Week Old Boy

Amidst the joys of having a child, there are frightening personal lessons I have experienced in the past six weeks.  The lessons are spiritual in nature and expose oversights and underestimations in my character. 

(1) I am even more selfish than I feared I was

(2) I can treat sleep like an idol

(3) I can easily neglect spending time with my wife for things I deem more important at the time

(4) I can become impatient and frustrated far too easily at times

(5) Continual personal sacrifice is easier said than done

Do these lessons resonate with anyone else?  What other spiritual weaknesses has the Spirit exposed in you through the venture of parenting? 

The answer to my weaknesses is constant yielding to the Spirit, in the prayerful hope that the fruit of the Spirit (Gal 5:22-23) will overcome my fleshly tendencies.  As a Christian father, I especially need kindness, gentleness, self-control, and patience…

A Poem for My Son’s First Christmas

I wrote the following poem for Jensen, my new son, born November 21, 2008.  I wrote it when he was 2 weeks old, on December 5, 2008, in the mid-morning hours when I was up with him. 



“Fingers Formed By Mighty Power”


Fingers formed by mighty power,

By hands that cast the stars in space. 

Wisdom planned each day and hour,

A life ordained by sovereign grace. 


Created in his mother’s womb,

In the image of our God,

Jensen Marshall Chase was born

To walk upon this fallen sod.


Conceived in sin like all the rest,

In transgression dark and dead,

His sinful nature justly brings

The wrath of God upon his head.


Iniquity is his desire,

His vain but boastful pleasure. 

A darkened heart, a mind depraved,

Enslaved to sin, his master. 


But God, who, with mighty hands,

Formed the galaxies above,

Sent his only Son to die,

To show the world his perfect love.


And with his word that caused the light

To pierce the thickness of the dark,

God can also shed his light

Into the darkness of a heart.


The only hope for Adam’s race,

For all, like Jensen, born in sin,

Is irresistible free grace

That makes a sinner born again.


God dispenses mercy at

The pleasure of his perfect will,

And justice goes to all the rest,

For none deserve his mercy still. 


On the judgment day of God,

I pray that Jensen there will find

Himself among the saints of Christ,

Their sins for which our Savior died.