Kim Riddlebarger on the Nature of Man

Kim Riddlebarger weighs in on the debate concerning the nature of man.  His article is entitled “Trichotomy: A Beachhead for Gnostic Influences.”

An excerpt: “Historically, Christians have argued that dichotomy is clearly taught throughout Scripture. There is no doubt that the Scriptures not only teach a material aspect that is essential to human nature, the same Scriptures preclude any notion of the Gnostic tendency to depreciation of the body because it is material.”

Another: “In popular literature and preaching, it is often asserted that since God is a Trinity, and since as humans we are created in God’s image, humans, too, are tri-partite, having a body, a soul and a spirit. But such analogies are not drawn directly from the Biblical data itself; they come only by way of crude inference.”

And one more: “If our doctrines do have consequences–and they certainly do–there is no doubt that trichotomy will lead down some very predictable and problematic roads. Any scheme which depreciates the body and the mind, and which correspondingly elevates the spiritual without due regard to the fact that God the Holy Spirit works through the means that God Himself has created, is in fact, deeply influenced by the Gnostic impulse.”