Summary and Questions on Divorce and Remarriage

Justin Taylor posted a summary and questions on divorce and remarriage according to Jay Adams. This material is based on the content in Adams’ book Marriage, Divorce, and Remarriage in the Bible. Helpful stuff on a difficult and disputed topic.

Bonhoeffer on Why Christians–Not Psychologists–Know the Human Heart

“The most experienced psychologist or observer of human nature knows infinitely less of the human heart than the simplest Christian who lives beneath the Cross of Jesus.  The greatest psychological insight, ability and experience cannot grasp this one thing: what sin is….And so it does not know that man is destroyed only by his sin and can be healed only by forgiveness.  Only the Christian knows this.” 

-Dietrich Bonhoeffer, Life Together and Prayerbook of the Bible, vol. 5 (Minneapolis: Fortress Press, 1996), 115.

David Powlison on “The Pastor As Counselor”

I really enjoyed David Powlison’s chapter, “The Pastor As Counselor,” in For the Fame of God’s Name.  Here are some excerpts from his contribution:

All Christians are meant to become wiser counselors.  God intends that every word you ever say to anyone is actively constructive in content, intention, tone, and appropriateness (Eph 4:29).” 

“Counseling is not essentially a technical enterprise calling for technical expertise.  It is a relational and pastoral enterprise engaging in care and cure of the soul.” 

“God has chosen to impose his values on the entire universe….On the last day, every knee bows to God’s values.”

“In your preparation and testing to become a pastor, perhaps no one ever said that firsthand understanding of people and firsthand skill in counseling are essential aspects of your pastoral calling.”