13 Posts on Gethsemane

Jesus in gethsemaneIn January 2016, I wrote a series of posts on Gethsemane as I prepared to preach on our Lord’s sorrowful praying and his subsequent arrest from Matthew’s Gospel.

Here’s the round-up of 13 posts that take you through the events of that Thursday night and the early hours of Friday morning. On this Passion Week, let’s reflect on our Lord’s experience in that garden where he resolved to drink the cup.

  1. Jesus communed with his Father as if alone in the Most Holy Place.
  2. As the Last Adam, Jesus faced temptation and overcame it.
  3. His prayers were expressions of reverence, not rebellion.
  4. At Gethsemane, Jesus was a true and greater Job.
  5. He was also a true and greater Isaac.
  6. Believers can learn about prayer by beholding Jesus at Gethsemane, for our flesh is weak.
  7. This Jesus, once transfigured before his disciples, was now in agony.
  8. The agony ends with the resolve of Jesus to meet his hour of suffering head-on.
  9. When the arresting party comes to Gethsemane, Jesus is in control.
  10. Judas, one of the Twelve, led the armed crowd to Jesus.
  11. Peter wounded a man with his sword, but Jesus told him to put it away.
  12. Jesus healed the wounded man amid the arresting crowd.
  13. The sword-swinging disciple would go from defending Jesus to denying him.

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