Foreshadowing the Exodus in Genesis

In Genesis 12:10-20, Sarai and Abraham have an experience that reminds readers of the later story when Israel is delivered from Egypt in the mighty exodus.

First, Abram and Sarai left Canaan for Egypt because Canaan had a famine (Gen. 12:10). Second, Sarai went into “captivity” (12:14-15). Third, God poured out plagues on the house of Pharaoh (12:17). Fourth, Pharaoh sent Abram and Sarai away (12:18-20). Fifth, Abram and Sarai left with Egyptian possessions (12:16, 20).

In Genesis 12, the experience of Abram and Sarai was a microcosm of the grander events that would unfold for the Israelites in the book of Exodus.


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