“Rise”–A Poem for Easter Sunday

Glorious news: Jesus is alive, risen indeed from the dead and never to die again. Women went to his tomb on the first day of the week, and they found the stone rolled and body gone. Wouldn’t you have some questions if you came upon such a scene? Imagine you’re asking the following ones, and God answers. [This format is inspired by the wonderful poem “God Answers” by John Piper.]

April 20, 2014
Easter Sunday

Where was the body when the women
Came at Sunday’s dawn?

But how? What happened to the stone that
Sealed the body cold?

Were not the soldiers there to guard?
What did they feel, if near?

How many thieves were needed to
Ensure the deed was done?

If the body was not stolen,
What else is there but fraud?

What did that body do while it was
Hidden from their eyes?

From death? To life? How can we tell
The world this news we know?


3 thoughts on ““Rise”–A Poem for Easter Sunday

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