“A Coming Day”–A Poem for Tuesday of Passion Week

Today is Tuesday of Passion Week, and on this day Jesus spoke parables and taught many things to his disciples and any crowds that gathered (see Matt 21-25).

“A Coming Day”
April 15, 2014
Tuesday of Passion Week

The disciples of the Lord beheld the fig tree dead.
“How did it wither?” they asked Jesus.
This is what he said:

“Faith—and if you say to this mountain, ‘Be removed,’
You can cast it in the sea, for
Such prayer is approved.”

The temple in Jerusalem would not last forever,
For Jesus said, “No stone will be
Left on another.”

Jesus spoke in parables about a coming Day,
When all who scorn the Master’s Son
Shall be cast away.

The Son of Man will one day come, but the day and hour
No one knows, not even him, but
Only the Father.

Jesus taught about the judgment day and vindication,
When the nations gather to his throne
By resurrection.

In these teachings Jesus spoke with great authority
And answered questions aimed to stump him
Through absurdity.

Overcoming every challenge, Jesus showed his wisdom
And continued steadfast on his path
As Second Adam.

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