Matthew 1-2 in 9 Sermons

At Kosmosdale Baptist Church, we finished our series through Matthew 1-2 which we began in December. In nine sermons, we traveled through a genealogy, a virginal conception, wise men seeking a king, an exodus to Egypt, a massacre in Bethlehem, and the family of Jesus settling in Nazareth. Amid begats, angels, dreams, kings, gifts, and prophecies, the infancy narratives of Matthew’s Gospel showcase the power and sovereignty of God, the fulfillment of Holy Writ, and the lowly baby from David’s line who will save us from our sins.

The nine sermons in Matthew 1-2:

  1. “Story Line, Part 1: From Abraham to King David” (Matt 1:1-6)
  2. “Story Line, Part 2: From King David to the Exile” (Matt 1:6-11)
  3. “Story Line, Part 3: From the Exile to the Christ” (Matt 1:12-17)
  4. “God With Us: You Shall Call His Name Jesus” (Matt 1:18-25)
  5. “O Little Town of Bethlehem: From You a Ruler Shall Come” (Matt 2:1-6)
  6. “Wise Men Bound for Bethlehem: Following the Star with Royal Beauty Bright” (Matt 2:7-12)
  7. “The Exodus of Jesus: Out of Egypt I Called My Son” (Matt 2:13-15)
  8. “The Bethlehem Massacre: Hear the Sound of Rachel Weeping” (Matt 2:16-18)
  9. “Growing Up In a Small Town: He Shall Be Called a Nazarene” (Matt 2:19-23)

One thought on “Matthew 1-2 in 9 Sermons

  1. Mitchell Chase,
    You chose a real challenge and did an excellent job. God was truly glorified by these 9 messages. It was a privilege to hear them. Please keep up the good work!

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