Three Stories of Sacrifice in the Name-List of Hebrews 11

In a previous post, I noted that the list of names in Hebrews 11 (vv. 3-31) is commonly divided by commentators into three parts: vv. 3-7, 8-22, 23-31.

I’ve been looking closely for commonalities shared among the three sections, and it’s interesting that each section contains a story about sacrifice.

  • In 11:3-7, we see in 11:4 a reference to Abel’s acceptable sacrifice.
  • In 11:8-22, we see in 11:17 a reference to Abraham offering up Isaac.
  • In 11:23-31, we see in 11:28 a reference to the first Passover when blood was shed and sprinkled.

Are there other motifs found in each of the three sections?

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