“The Virgin Birth”: A 2013 Advent Poem

“The Virgin Birth”
December 21, 2013
An Advent Poem

If Jesus is the son of Mary
But of Joseph too,
Then the claim of incarnation
Simply isn’t true.

If the virgin birth is only
Fanciful delusion,
The Good News isn’t good at all
But biblical confusion.

If this man from Nazareth
Was like us–merely human–
Then no atonement has been made,
And sins are not forgiven.

And if the Son of David
Was not the Son of God,
Then we should never trust in
Such a messianic fraud.

But if the Holy Spirit came
Upon a virgin girl
To conceive within her womb
The Savior of the world,

If the boy whom Mary bore
And wrapped in swaddling cloths
Was fully God and fully man
Upon a bloody cross,

Then the promises of God,
Foretold in ancient stories,
Have come to pass now and at last
With new creation glories.



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