Semester #6 at SBTS

This Fall of 2013, my journey as a student at The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, under Jim Hamilton’s doctoral supervision, has come to an end.

My dissertation was “Resurrection Hope in Daniel 12:2: An Exercise in Biblical Theology,” and I submitted my Defense draft copies on September 20 for my doctoral committee to read. This committee consisted of Jim Hamilton, Peter Gentry, and Robert Plummer, and my External Reader was Stephen Dempster–a team I affectionately dubbed the Academic Avengers. The Avengers assembled and began reading the dissertation. At 3 pm on Monday, November 4, I successfully defended the dissertation. After completing any final edits and adjustments to the project, I uploaded my last draft on November 18. That day was “the end” for that project.

Friday December 13, 2013 was graduation day, my last official day as a student at Southern Seminary. I walked across the stage in Alumni Chapel and received the degree for a PhD in Biblical Studies. Journey complete. Praise the Lord!

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