Matthew’s Genealogy and the Book of Chronicles

Scholars are agreed that Matthew was dependent on 1-2 (or as a unit: the book of) Chronicles for most of the genealogy in his opening chapter.

Further observations can be made about Matthew and the book of Chronicles:

  1. Matthew and Chronicles are the only books in the entire Bible that begin with genealogy.
  2. Matthew and Chronicles end in strikingly similar ways. In his book The Four (p. 120), Peter Leithart sees a sequence of three elements: both Matthew and Chronicles end with (1) a statement regarding universal authority, (2) a statement regarding the source of authority, and (3) a commission to “go.”
  3. Chronicles lists descendants of the First Adam, while Matthew lists ancestors of the Last Adam.
  4. Chronicles is the final book in the OT canon (in the Jewish order of Law, Prophets, Writings), and Matthew is the first book in the NT canon.
  5. Chronicles tells the story of the Davidic line that ends in exile, and Matthew tells the story about the Son of David launching a new exodus from the deepest exile.

Are there other connections?


2 thoughts on “Matthew’s Genealogy and the Book of Chronicles

  1. Perhaps another similarity: Many Christians mention that it was rare for women to be mentioned in genealogies, noting Genesis. But in Chronicles and in Matthew we find women (wives, mothers, and daughters) mentioned.

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