Six Sermons on Matthew 5:21-48

At Kosmosdale Baptist Church, I just completed a major section in the Sermon on the Mount on Sunday mornings. In Matthew 5:21-48 Jesus addresses six subjects as a way of expounding his claim that his disciples must have a “righteousness” that “exceeds that of the scribes and Pharisees” (5:20). Clicking the highlighted portion will take you to the sermon’s audio.

(1) Matthew 5:21-26: “The Danger of Anger: Why You Might Have the Heart of a Murderer”

(2) Matthew 5:27-30: “Better to Lose an Eye or Hand: Why You Must Fight Against Lust or Go to Hell”

(3) Matthew 5:31-32: “Let None Tear Asunder: Rethinking the Practice of Easy Divorce and Remarriage”

(4) Matthew 5:33-37: “Simply Yes or No: The Pursuit of Being a Trustworthy Disciple”

(5) Matthew 5:38-42: “Shock Value: The Disciple’s Unexpected Responses to Evildoers”

(6) Matthew 5:43-48: “That You May Be Sons of God: Love Your Enemies and Pray for Your Persecutors”

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