Goodbye, 20s

Turning 30 feels much more significant than when 20 came along, though I can’t put my finger on why. This post is a tip-of-the-hat to the previous decade of my life, which can be labeled an “adventure” of sorts. “Roller coaster” may be apt as well.

In the kind and merciful benevolence of God, my 20s consisted of:

  • Becoming engaged to and marrying the wonderful Stacie Leigh Passler, who has been a blessing ten thousand times over. 
  • Becoming a father to two boys, Jensen and Logan–and the third (Owen) is due next week.
  • Living in 4 cities (Houston, Fort Worth, Santo, Louisville), in 2 states (Texas, Kentucky), and in 7 different residences.
  • Graduating college from Houston Baptist University, earning two Masters degrees at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, and beginning the PhD program at Southern Baptist Theological Seminary.
  • Serving as the pastor of two churches: the First Baptist Church in Santo, Texas, and currently Kosmosdale Baptist Church in Louisville, Kentucky.
  • Going out of the country for the first time and ending up over the years in places like Mexico, Cameroon, Honduras, and Thailand.
  • Writing two books, The Gospel Is For Christians and Behold Our Sovereign God.
  • Undergoing major and minor theological adjustments–some of which were smooth, others quite painful.
  • Officiating a wedding, and preaching lots of funerals.
  • Cultivating friendships in all the cities, churches, and schools we’ve been part of.

Alright, 30s, here we go. Let’s do this.

One thought on “Goodbye, 20s

  1. May God continue to bless your ministries and you and your family. I treasure the time you, Stacie and Jensen spent with us in Santo. You brought us closer to God and strengthened our roots. I will be eternally grateful for your service in our church.

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