Next to the Gospel, Santa is Dull

The glory of the Incarnation, the scandal of a Virgin Birth, the eruption of heavenly angels in chorus, the fulfillment of ancient prophecies, messianic hopes swelling to the peak of expectation, Good News bursting with great joy, the arrival of the Seed of the woman who would crush the Serpent and turn back sin’s curse–all of this is infinitely more exciting than Santa Claus.

Next to the Gospel, Santa is dull.

Next to the greatest and most thrilling announcement the universe has ever heard, Santa is boring.

Next to the Savior, Saint Nicholas is a sinner in desperate need of the Miracle lying in a manger.

Despite what the preceding sentences might sound like, I’m actually not anti-Santa. But I’m really, really, really pro-Gospel, because Jesus is better. It’s a matter of emphasis, of keeping the main thing the main thing.

Parents, your kids will be excited about what you’re excited about. The best news for children isn’t, “Santa is coming” but “Jesus has come.”

The Word became flesh and changed the world.


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