“Let My People Go”: An Advent Poem for 2012

The weeks leading to Christmas are a time of waiting, a time that remembers when messianic hopes were unfulfilled and suspended in history.  Four hundred years passed without a word from God.  Would his promises come to pass?  Would the prophesied King from David’s line ever appear?

I wrote this poem, “Let My People Go,” as a reflection on the anticipation of God’s deliverance from captivity to sin and death–a deliverance tantamount to a new exodus, indeed the greatest liberation ever accomplished.

“Let My People Go”
November 28, 2012

Four hundred years the silence stayed,
And Heaven did not speak.
Transgression gripped the heart of man,
The strong oppressed the weak.

What of the hope for righteous rule
By One from David’s seed,
A King unlike the ones before
Whom prophets had decreed?

For Moses did foretell the time
A Prophet would appear
Whose mouth would speak the words of God
To those with ears to hear.

These words would be as light to all
Who lived in Adam’s sin,
Who hoped another exodus
Would free them once again–

This time not from Pharaoh and his
Fierce Egyptian legion
But from wrath and death deserved
As wages for our treason.

Four hundred years the silence stayed
Until the angels’ chorus
Announced the birth of heaven’s Son
With “Glory in the Highest.”

This babe, this Word, this King, he came
To bear our sinful load,
And in mercy said to Justice,
“Let my people go.”


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