Savoring the Biblical Text

Over at The Gospel Coalition site, I contributed an article (“See and Savor the Bible’s Rich Layers”) on reading the Bible patiently.  The goal of this kind of reading is to savor the text and see what is there but not readily apparent.

A patient reading of Scripture yields insight because we can reflect carefully on the text (even large portions of it) and make valuable intertextual connections.  Some connections are clear, like when a writer quotes a biblical passage, but at other times we may only discern an echo of or an allusion to a previous text.  These connections matter, and only the discipline of reading the Bible repeatedly and patiently can develop a sensitivity to see them.

Here’s an excerpt from the article: “The layers of a text matter because the authors wrote and arranged their material from a perspective shaped by the Old Testament. Even the words of later Old Testament writers were molded by earlier biblical texts. Their minds were drenched in ancient images and stories and promises. Our goal should be to immerse our minds in these things too.”


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