Guest Post from Stacie on Turning 30

August 11, 2012.  Today I turn 30.  I have to acknowledge the instinct to freak out but, somehow, all I feel is thankful and excited.  And it seems appropriate to spend some time reflecting on the last 10 years.

In my 20s, I graduated from college, married my best friend, moved away from my family, became an official pastor’s wife, moved further away from my family, graduated from seminary, had my first child, survived my parents’ divorce, moved even further away from my family, had my second child, and am currently pregnant with my third child.

Turning 30 makes me feel like I should do something wild and crazy—dye my hair, get a tattoo.  But, in reality, I’ve done something much crazier: I’ve become a grown-up.

I’m so thankful to my husband, Mitch.  He has been the Lord’s greatest tool in both my personal and spiritual growth.  I’m thankful also for my children, who are happy and healthy, as they have also had a great hand in my continual sanctification.

I’m thankful for my family (all the Passlers, Schaffners, and Chases), who, even though I continue to move further and further away, have been overwhelmingly supportive and loving as I support my husband’s pursuit of ministry.

I am thankful for my friends, who always keep me encouraged and grounded firmly in reality.

But, most of all, I am thankful to the LORD, who has been infinitely good to me; loving me when I have been unlovable; forgiving me when I have been unforgiveable; holding on to me when I have been unfaithful; and continually bringing me through challenges that test and grow my faith.  He is eternal.  Even when I turn 30.


2 thoughts on “Guest Post from Stacie on Turning 30

  1. Stacie,
    Although I don’t know you and Mitch personally, I have been helped by his book and encouraged by his pursuit of ministry, and thus have been blessed by you and your love for the Lord and your love for Mitch.

    May the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit bless you and your family greatly in this year and decade. Thank you for sharing your thoughts on this milestone.

    Happy happy happy happy birthday!

  2. I am glad and feel very blessed to have been and still am a part of Stacie’s life. I Love her and can never put into words the incredible impact she has has on my life.

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