“Propitiation: The Most Important Word Sinners Should Know” (Romans 3:25-26)

What is the most important passage in the Bible?  Now ask that question again, only substitute verse for passage.  Then consider whether any particular word stands out among all others.  Have you located the most important word in the Bible?

There will never be unanimity on the question of the Bible’s most important word, but people have argued for Romans 3:25-26 as its most meaningful passage.  I agree, and I think Murray Harris is right when he says propitiation is the most significant word in those verses.

On Sunday, March 18, 2012, I had the joy of preaching Romans 3:25-26.  Talking about propitiation (wrath-aversion-through-satisfaction) opens up the world of the Gospel.

Propitiation is the needed word-window to Jesus on the cross.  It tells us what happened on that rugged tree, and its reality is what makes the gospel good news.

We don’t use propitiation in everyday language, but that five-syllable term is glorious for reasons unfolded here (the sermon’s audio link).

May God’s kindness leave us amazed at the wonder of Christ, the Sinner’s Substitute, Merciful Propitiation, and Wrath-Averting Son of God.

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