My 10 Favorite Theology Books of 2011

End-of-year lists are popular, and since I love reading theology, I wanted to commend my 10 favorites.  The subjects and authors vary, and I don’t necessarily affirm every conclusion in them.  My list also contains some books not published in 2011, but this year is when I read them, so they count.

I could give long explanations of why these books are insightful, edifying, and worth every penny.  But I’ll simply state that they are and hope you believe me.

Not in any particular order, these were my favorite theology books in 2011:

(1) The Person of Christ by Donald Macleod
(2) The Resurrection of the Son of God by N. T. Wright
(3) Tempted and Tried by Russell Moore
(4) God’s Glory in Salvation through Judgment by James Hamilton
(5) For the Fame of God’s Name edited by Sam Storms and Justin Taylor
(6) A New Testament Biblical Theology by G. K. Beale
(7) Sanctified Vision by John O’Keefe and R. R. Reno
(8) For Us and For Our Salvation by Stephen Nichols
(9) Gospel Clarity by William Barclay and Ligon Duncon
(10) Unpacking Forgiveness by Chris Brauns


2 thoughts on “My 10 Favorite Theology Books of 2011

  1. Yep, I remember seeing it on your list when you blogged it. I found that book so helpful!

    I thought about putting Pennington’s Gospels book on my list, since I really enjoyed reading it and found it so stimulating and fresh, but I figured I’d wait until it’s officially published ;)

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