O Wonder of Wonders: God’s Son Born A Man

Growing up I used to wonder why God sent his Son to become a man.  It’s an important question to ponder, and the Bible gives us the answer:

“Since therefore the children share in flesh and blood, he himself likewise partook of the same things…” (Heb 2:14a)

In other words, God’s Son became a man because the objects of his rescue (“the children”) were flesh and blood.  The Word became flesh, entering our human experience.  He laid aside his majesty and put on skin.  He descended into time, becoming subject to aging, pain, and death.

The incarnation should leave us in awe.  Jesus learned, developed, and obeyed.  He grew a specific height, had a certain complexion, and weighed a particular number of pounds.  He experienced weariness, hunger, and thirst.  His walk, voice, and fingerprint were all distinct.  He was fully human.

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