MacArthur’s Final Installment of a Complete New Testament Exposition

Not long ago, faithful expositor John MacArthur completed his decades-old goal of preaching through the entire New Testament.

He didn’t whiz through these 27 books, friend.  He waded through the verses as if he was trudging through deep snow with his feet weighed down by cement blocks.  Such a pace isn’t a bad thing, it just means the project will take some time.  A loooong time.

Take the Gospel of Matthew as one example.  MacArthur took 7 years to go through its 28 chapters.

Patiently, clearly, and with incredible endurance, he unpacked every verse and phrase of every New Testament book.  What a marvelous feat!  What a service to God’s people!

His last book to exposit was the Gospel of Mark, and below is the link to the final 9 minutes of the final message.

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