Psalm 24, Part 1/10: “The Earth Belongs to Yahweh”

Over the course of 10 posts, we will look at each verse of Psalm 24.  By way of brief overview, this psalm has 3 divisions, each of which teach a truth about God:

  • vv. 1-2: God is CREATOR
  • vv. 3-6: God is HOLY
  • vv. 7-10: God is KING

The superscription says the psalm is “of David,” its author.

The earth is the LORD’s and the fullness thereof,
the world and those who dwell therein” 

In the Hebrew text, Yahweh’s name appears first for emphasis.  It is to Yahweh that the earth belongs, to him and to no other.  In the ancient world, pagans ascribed existence and power to many gods who ruled over various parts of the world.  Different gods commanded the sea, the weather, fertility, etc.

So David makes his point clear: God rules the earth as the sole Lord of his creation.  And as Ruler, he has no comparable rivals, no legitimate competitors.

David uses terms of totality: “the earth” is paralleled by “the world” in the second half of the verse, and “the fullness thereof” is paralleled by “those who dwell therein.”  Those phrases don’t omit anything in creation.

And if God owns all creation, then he owns us, as David emphasized in the last phrase of v. 1.  The conclusion is inescapable: we do not belong to ourselves.  We are dependent on him–for everything.


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