Thabiti Anyabwile Shares Staggering Pastor Statistics

In this post on the 9Marks website, Thabiti Anyabwile shares statistics from the Schaeffer Institute on a pastor’s hours and pay, training and preparedness, health and well-being, marriage and family, church relationships, and longevity.

We should pray often for our pastors so that these shocking statistics don’t apply to them.

Semester #2 at SBTS

With my second semester of PhD work now over, I’m thankful for a 3-month summer break.  We have a baby due in 4 weeks, so not having class will be a blessing!  Here’s a summary of the semester load:

(1) Before the semester officially started, I took a 1-day “Old Testament Colloquium” that featured lectures from Dr. Anson Rainey.  These lectures were held in December 2010, and Dr. Rainey died in February 2011 at age 81.  I was glad to see this renowned scholar before he passed away.

(2) Before the semester started, I also took a 3-day “Graduate Research Seminar,” where students are reminded about the dos and don’ts in doctoral writing assignments.  Much of the course was simply review from a similar one I’d taken at Southwestern Seminary during my ThM track, but it was good review nonetheless.

(3) “Hebrew Prose” was based mainly in the text of Numbers.  This class helped reinforce and expand my understanding of Hebrew, and it helped me realize how much more I need to learn!  I loved Dr. Russell Fuller’s method and example in class.  We had weekly translation and vocabulary, as well as assignments from Dr. Fuller’s Hebrew Grammar and Syntax book.

(4) “Galatians” was led by Dr. Tom Schreiner.  Everyone wrote and presented a paper for the class to critique and challenge for 2 hours.  I chose the first slot, which meant Galatians 1:1-10 was my assignment.  Though it was intimidating to be the first presenter, I was glad to get the hardest part of the class over!  Each classmate had to choose a Galatians commentary to read during the week, and I chose Ben Witherington’s Grace in Galatia.  This class was enjoyable because of the topics from Galatians and the insightful classmates.

(5) “New Testament Colloquium” was a round-table formatted class that included student and professor interaction.  The book for the semester was A Theology of John’s Gospel and Letters by Andreas Kostenberger.  We dialogued each week about chapters chosen by the lead professor, Dr. Bill Cook.

(6) “Approaches to New Testament Theology” was focused on the theme of covenant in biblical theology.  We read a series of books and then each student presented papers on passages pertinent to covenant.  Dr. Mark Seifrid kept us engaged on what can be a very complex and dense topic.  The books, papers, and weekly interaction taught us more about what it means for God to be in covenant with his people.

I very much enjoyed my second semester of classes.  It was a lot of work, but work well worth it.  For now: hello, summer, I’m so glad you’ve arrived!

Kevin DeYoung on Parenting

I love what Kevin DeYoung writes.  He’s always insightful and thought-provoking–and sometimes quite hilarious.  This post on parenting captures what I appreciate about his writing.  It’s cleverly titled “Parenting 001.”

Kevin will make you laugh, and he will make you think.  Give it a read, and share it with other parents you know.