D. A. Carson on the Importance of the Gospel for Discipleship

Today I read some great words by D. A. Carson.  In For the Fame of God’s Name, he contributed a chapter called “What is the Gospel?–Revisited,” and the following statements concern the believer’s need for the gospel:

“…if the gospel becomes that by which we slip into the kingdom, but all the business of transformation turns on postgospel disciplines and strategies, then we shall constantly be directing the attention of people away from the gospel, away from the cross and resurrection.  Soon the gospel will be something that we quietly assume is necessary for salvation, but not what we are excited about, not what we are preaching, not the power of God….Wherever contemporary pursuit of spirituality becomes similarly distanced from the gospel, it is taking a dangerous turn” (p. 165).

My Conversation with Trevin Wax about “The Gospel is for Christians”

Today on Trevin Wax’s blog Kingdom People, he posted our conversation about The Gospel is for Christians and its various implications on discipleship and missions.

Some of the topics we cover are:
-The title of my book
-The gospel-centered movement
-The prevalence of gospel-centered language
-The effect of consumerism on Christian discipleship
-The practice of “preaching the gospel to yourself”
-How to guard against gospel-centeredness becoming mere individualism
-The connection between gospel-centeredness and global missions
-The connection between gospel-centeredness and the worship of God

I enjoyed having this conversation and hope you find it helpful.   The Gospel is for Christians is available here.

May the Lord help us see the centrality of the gospel for faith in Christ and for following Him in discipleship.

“Biblical Theology for Kids!”

Jim Hamilton and his son Jake have teamed up and created a biblical theology for kids.  This short book explores the major stories of the Bible in both poetic and artistic fashion.  They have made it available for free for you to download and print at your convenience.  Fantastic!  Use it with your kids as soon as possible.

May the Lord fill the mouths of children with His praises.