Semester #1 at SBTS

I love Southern Seminary.  The professors are stellar, the environment is family-friendly, and the classes are tough.  Here’s my Fall 2010 semester in a nutshell:

Before the semester officially began, I completed a two-day class on Higher Education, focusing specifically on Christian education in universities and seminaries.  It further stirred my desire to teach in a classroom.

I took four classes during the semester itself:
(1) German was interesting, though it was only one semester long, and the emphasis was on translation rather than conversation–which made the work remarkably easier!

(2) I took a Greek class on 2 Maccabees, which was by far the most challenging.  The out-of-class work was demanding, but the reaping will surely be worth the sowing.

(3) Another class was round-table format, with students presenting each week on different subjects.  Several professors attended each session, and listening to their interactions with each other was informative and funny.

(4) My last class was on the history of Israel’s religion in the Old Testament.  For this class, I wrote two research papers which covered the development of Israel’s faith from Exodus through 2 Kings.  This was my favorite class.

In November, I had the privilege to teach once for my PhD supervisor, Jim Hamilton.  He planned to be out of town for the Evangelical Theological Society meeting, and he asked me to teach the MDiv students in his Hermeneutics class.  I lectured on the interpretation of the New Testament letters.  Loved every minute.

Can’t wait for the second semester, even though I’m thoroughly enjoying my two month break.


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