12 Personal Highlights from 2010

So much happened in 2010, it’s simply impossible to mention everything.  But here is something significant from each month, even though not every highlight is equally important:

January: 24 Season 8 premiered.  It was the last season, people.  While it turned out to be, in my opinion, an adequate season, 24 is still my favorite TV series ever.

February: Flew to Minneapolis at the beginning of the month for the Desiring God Pastors Conference.  It was my first time to attend a Pastors Conference while actually being a pastor, and it was my first trip to Minnesota.  It was a fantastic time!

March: Went to south Texas for Spring Break.  It’s always great to see family and friends.  When we returned to Santo, it had even snowed a little.

April: On the 18th, I told First Baptist Church of Santo that I was soon going to step down as their pastor.  That was a hard service to preach and a sad announcement to make, but the Lord was good and sustained me through it.

May: At the beginning of the month, our church had another “Mission: Santo” outreach.  With this outreach, we managed to finish the ongoing effort of visiting every street and every house in Santo with gospel resources and invitations to the church.  I was very proud of our team for this accomplishment!

June: Started our last summer book study in the FBC Santo parsonage.  The 2010 book was The End Times Made Simple by Samuel Waldron.  A great way to end four years of summer book studies!  We loved having people in our home during summer Mondays in order to talk about important theological topics.

July: Officiated the wedding of Matthew and Haley Price.  It was a blessing that my first wedding was with such a fantastic couple!  Yes, I was a little nervous, but I was far more excited.  It was a joyful celebration for everyone involved.

August: After pastoring 4 years at FBC Santo, our family moved from Texas to Kentucky.  It was very sad to leave our beloved church, but it was also a joy to follow the Lord’s guidance.  He is good and has showered our family with mercies untold.  I started the PhD program at The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary.  As of this post, we’ve been in Louisville 5 months.

September: Hosted Joey Dodson while he was in Louisville to minister at a wedding ceremony.  I’ve known him since my college days, and it’s always a joy to see him and get to talk about books, theology, and what makes the world go round.  Come again soon, Joey!

October: Flew to south Texas during the Fall Break at Southern Seminary. This was a much needed vacation.  We spent time in Edna and Houston, and at the end of the week we found out we were pregnant with baby#2.  A great trip!

November: Rejoiced at the publication of my first book, The Gospel is for Christians.  When I found out that the first copy would be mailed to me in Louisville, we had already made plans to be in Oklahoma.  So I had the book specially mailed to Oklahoma so that I wouldn’t have to wait until returning to Louisville to hold it in my hands.  It was definitely a week of Thanksgiving!

December: Looked forward to my parents arriving in Louisville on Christmas day.  They flew in for a 10-day stint.  Since I was between semesters, it was great to spend time hanging out, talking, watching movies, and leaving Jensen with them while Stacie and I remembered what it was like to sit through a meal at a restaurant without a two-year-old beside us.

I’m ready for 2011.  Life is still short, no matter how many 24-hour days you get.  Let’s make them count.


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