John Frame’s Suggestions for Writing a Theological Paper

Theologian John Frame is well known for his books The Doctrine of God, The Doctrine of the Knowledge of God, The Doctrine of the Christian Life, and–most recently–The Doctrine of the Word of God.

Here, he offers wise remarks on how to write a theological paper.  Thanks, Justin Taylor, for the link!

The Kingdom of God, According to Russell Moore

“The kingdom of God, then, is the good news that the right rule of God, and the right rule of man—a rule our ancestors Adam and Eve lost—have come together in the right rule of one right God-man: Jesus of Nazareth. In his sin-resisting life, his wisdom-saturated teaching, his demon-exorcising power, his substitutionary, conquering death, and his justifying, victorious resurrection, Christ is king.”

–Russell Moore