Change Has Come…and is Still Coming

Well, I’m back from my long hiatus from blogging.

As I start this post, my family has moved to Louisville, KY, where I am a student in the PhD program at The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary.  We left Texas on August 1, where I was pastoring the First Baptist Church in Santo, and we arrived in Louisville on August 2.

So we’ve been in Louisville for over a month now, and we really love it here.  The seminary is stellar and fantastic, people are friendly, and we are making friends.

I have the privilege of studying in the Biblical Studies track of the PhD program, guided and supervised by Dr James Hamilton Jr.

Currently I’m in four classes every week: German, Intertestamental Language (which focuses on 2 Maccabees), New Testament Colloquium (which is a roundtable format with discussion led by a different student every week, focusing on a different article every week), and A History of Israel’s Religion.

I feel perpetually behind most days, but apparently that’s a common feeling among my fellow students.

I will try to blog often, and I hope you’ll keep reading.

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