16 Truths about God from Paul’s Speech in Acts 17:24-31

Last night, our Sunday evening message brought Acts 17 to a close, and below is a summary of what we went through as we dissected Paul’s speech.

There are many truths to learn about God from Paul’s speech in Athens.  In Acts 17:24-31, Paul exalts the nature of God that the Athenians have so poorly distorted in their idolatry and pagan philosophies.

1.  God is the maker of all creation (17:24)
2.  God is the ruler of all creation (17:24)
3.  God is self-sufficient (17:25)
4.  God sustains all creation (17:25)
5.  God is purposeful when he creates (17:26)
6.  God is providential in his creation (17:26)
7.  God is God-centered (17:27)
8.  God is omnipresent (17:27)
9.  God is the source of human life (17:28)
10.  God is the father of all people as their creator (17:28)
11.  God cannot be materially represented (17:29)
12.  God is superior to his creation (17:29)
13.  God is patient (17:30)
14.  God is a jealous God (17:30)
15.  God is the judge (17:31)
16.  God is righteous (17:31)

That’s two theological truths from each verse of the speech.  After spending only one sermon on that speech, now I realize there were 16 messages buried there.  What a wonderful series on the doctrine of God that would make…

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