Crazy Love, by Francis Chan

Francis Chan is becoming one of my favorite preachers/writers very quickly.  His book Crazy Love: Overwhelmed by a Relentless God strikes at the core of the reader in ways few books do.  Chan challenges us with a “relentless” biblical persistence to abandon lukewarmness and follow Jesus with intensity and passion.

The book is peppered with helpful anecdotes from Chan’s life, as well as others’ experiences, that make his come alive.  This book is a must-read, because–if your eyes are opened to the truth of Jesus–you will love him more after reading these ten chapters.

Chan’s words aim sharp arrows at our Western churches.  We are filthy rich people, and we whine about how broke we are and how much money we wish we made.  Well, Chan points out, Jesus said it would be hard for the rich to enter the kingdom of heaven.  And while we might think Jesus is talking about billionaires, Chan warns that Americans need to wake up and realize Jesus’ words apply to us–we are the rich people in the world, and our “stuff” has captivated us more than Jesus.  God forgive us, and may he be patient with us while there is time to repent.

Chan’s book isn’t long, the chapters aren’t long, the price isn’t much, and the title is short–but the message is simply enormous.

If you’re a youth minister, your youth need this book.  Get copies of it for your youth leaders, start a small-group study on its contents–do something to get this book in the hands of young people.  Let them see a vision for what life can be like when lived for the glory of God instead of the American Dream.

Buy Crazy Love right now, and be set ablaze.  The world needs to watch you burn for Jesus.


One thought on “Crazy Love, by Francis Chan

  1. I wondered about this book that Stacie was reading, but didn’t get a chance to ask her about it. Will get a copy for our fam, along with the others you mentioned here – stop reading so fast – I can’t keep up! JK Like the new layout & enjoyed skiing with your bride!

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