God’s Indwelling Presence, by James Hamilton

I happily recommend this thorough and immensely beneficial OT/NT study of the Holy Spirit.  If you’ve ever asked, “Were OT believers regenerated by the Spirit?”  Or, “Were OT believers indwelt by the Spirit?”  Or, “What does the baptism of the Spirit mean?”  Or, “In what manner was the Spirit with believers in OT times?”  Those questions, and many more, are answered.

Dr Hamilton provides a scholarly treatment of questions that faithful Bible readers should ask and consider.

This book was very helpful as I preached through the Farewell Discourse in John’s Gospel on Sunday mornings at FBC Santo.  Hamilton clearly argues and defends his conclusions about the Holy Spirit in the OT and NT.  I profited greatly from this book in terms of feeding my soul and in terms of providing understanding of certain verses during sermons to the congregation.

I had the privilege of being a student under Dr Hamilton’s professorship when he taught at the Houston campus of Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary (he has since transferred to The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Louisville, KY).

The Lord has given Dr Hamilton the heart and mind of a pastor-scholar, and I’m deeply thankful for his investment in the lives of students such as myself.

Take time to frequent his blog at  http://jimhamilton.wordpress.com

Also, visit the website of the church he pastors and listen to his sermons on the Book of Revelation:  http://kenwoodbaptistchurch.com


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