Just Do Something, by Kevin DeYoung

Yes, yes, yes!  Due to the many terrible and misleading books published along the topic of “finding God’s will,” it is my joy to recommend Just Do Something: A Liberating Approach to Finding God’s Will.

For too long believers have been told that they need to discover God’s secret will for their lives through a variety of mystical measurements: open doors, whispers of God in times of devotion, subjective feelings of “peace” about this or that scenario, Bible roulette that leads to spontaneous passages to provide God’s “word” at the moment, etc.

DeYoung puts the supernatural guidance of God in biblical perspective.  Tragically, many believers rely on downright pagan means to divine the will of the Lord.  Every believer should buy DeYoung’s book and devour it ten times over.

Some great statements include these:
-“I’d like us to consider that maybe we have difficulty discovering God’s wonderful plan for our lives because, if the truth be told, He doesn’t really intend to tell us what it is.  And maybe we’re wrong to expect Him to” (p. 18).

-“Waiting for God’s will of direction is a mess.  It is bad for your life, harmful to your sanctification, and allows too many Christians to be passive tinkerers who strangely feel more spiritual the less they actually do” (p. 26).

-“His way is not a crystal ball.  His way is wisdom” (p. 41).

-“Christians often use ‘open door’ theology to bless whatever bad idea they’ve already decided to do” (p. 78).

-“Open doors, fleeces, random Bible verses, and impressions, if construed in the right way, have their place in the Christian’s life.  But in my experience, these tools have been wielded for more harm than good.  They are easily abused, manipulated, and lend themselves to superstition” (p. 85).

At only 122 pages, DeYoung’s book is both quickly readable and invaluably helpful!  It is a needed corrective to the many superstitious approaches to “finding God’s will,” and DeYoung anchors the reader in the wisdom of the Scriptures and the guidance of the Spirit according to God’s secret will of decree.  DeYoung, like the Bible, calls his readers to walk by faith, not sight; by wisdom, not superstition.  Buy this book right now, and buy one for someone else that you know needs DeYoung’s treatment of  “God’s will.”

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