Finally Alive, by John Piper

This book is a must-read.  Piper thoroughly examines the Bible’s testimony about the reality of the new birth, and he traces out its various aspects.  Oh, how the doctrine of regeneration must be cherished and esteemed!  Finally Alive exalts the sovereignty of God in salvation, since everything depends on the Lord’s gift of regeneration to the sinner.  You will not put this book down without realizing (with trembling yet gratitude) that the only appropriate response to God’s gift of regeneration is awestruck worship and humble brokenness. 

The subtitle of the book is: What Happens When We Are Born Again.  Strongly endorsed by D. A. Carson, Timothy George, J. I. Packer, Bruce Ware, and Alistair Begg, could it really come any more highly recommended? 

Finally Alive‘s 15 chapters are divided into the following 5 parts:
-Part I: What is the New Birth?
-Part II: Why Must We Be Born Again?
-Part III: How Does the New Birth Come About?
-Part IV: What are the Effects of the New Birth?
-Part V: How Can We Help Others Be Born Again?

Here are a couple excerpts:
-“Most people do not know what is really wrong with them.  One way to help them make a true and terrible and hopeful diagnosis is to show them the kind of remedy God has provided, namely, the new birth” (p. 20). 
-“One of the unsettling things about the new birth, which Jesus says we all must experience in order to see the kingdom of God (John 3:3), is that we don’t control it.  We don’t decide to make it happen any more than a baby decides to make his birth happen–or, more accurately, make his conception happen.  Or even more accurately: We don’t decide to make it happen any more than dead men decide to give themselves life” (p. 77). 

Get online now, or go to your nearest Christian bookstore, and get Finally Alive.

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