Young, Restless, Reformed, by Collin Hansen

In Young, Restless, Reformed: A Journalist’s Journey with the New Calvinists, Collin Hansen makes quite a journey indeed.  His book rests on the observation that there is a resurgence of Calvinism among younger Christians.  In seven chapters, Hansen traces the hot-spots of this resurgence in America, focusing on the most current sources of Reformed theology. 

Chapter 1 discusses the Passion conferences and Louie Giglio.  Chapter 2 takes us to Bethlehem Baptist Church in Minneapolis, pastored by John Piper.  Chapter 3 surveys the legacy of Jonathan Edwards at Yale University in New Haven.  Chapter 4 focuses on The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Louisville.  Chapter 5 visits Covenant Life Church, formerly pastored by C. J. Mahaney but currently pastored by Joshua Harris.  Chapter 6 discusses the New Attitude Conference in Louisville, headed by Joshua Harris.  Chapter 7 takes us to Seattle to Mars Hill Church, pastored by Mark Driscoll. 

With endorsements by Tim Challies, Jerry Bridges, D. A. Carson, and Douglas Sweeney, this book is worth your time.  Hansen writes with brevity and wit as he explores the current interest in–and controversy of–Calvinism.


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