Finding the Will of God by Bruce K. Waltke

The first shocking thing about this great book is its subtitle: “A Pagan Notion?”  That’s right–Waltke argues that “finding God’s will” originates more from pagan ways of divining the will of a “god,” rather than from biblical commands. 

In the second part of Finding the Will of God, Waltke proposes six steps and practices that show how to “live out the will of God” rather than trying to “find the will of God” in a particular situation.  The steps/practices (and the titles of chapters 4-9) are: (4) Read Your Bible; (5) Develop a Heart for God; (6) Seek Wise Counsel; (7) Look for God’s Providence; (8) Does This Make Sense?; (9) Divine Intervention. 

Here’s a direct quote toward the end of the book: “[God] never calls us in the New Testament to ‘seek His will,’ but rather to seek His kingdom and do His will.  We ought to stamp out of our vocabulary the nonbiblical and misleading expression ‘finding God’s will.'” 

Waltke’s book is very intriguing and helpful on the topic of God’s will.  Many well-intended but misleading books and sermons have been written and preached on the topic of “God’s will,” and many of them encourage superstitious and pagan practices in the effort to “find God’s will.”  Waltke provides a needed corrective and promotes a healthy approach for living out God’s will. 


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